Earlier this summer, the NHL (@NHL) sent out a tweet that got us so excited we found ourselves rummaging through our basement for an old VHS:

“Summer evenings call for a #NHLMovieNight. Let’s watch D2: The Mighty Ducks this Thursday at 7PM ET/4PM PT. Who’s in?”

We couldn’t believe what we were reading! First, we had an excuse to find our old copy of D2: The Mighty Ducks, so that we could join the #NHLMovieNight! Secondly, we knew we were about to see the brilliant and hilarious Social Media Coordinators from across the NHL shine. And boy did they step up to the challenge!

It didn’t take long for teams and mascots to jump on board and commit to live tweeting while they watched the movie. All of a sudden, teams like the Colorado Avalanche (@Avalanche), Anaheim Ducks (@AnaheimDucks), Minnesota Wild (@mnwild), and Montreal Canadiens (@CanadiensMTL) were discussing which snacks they would bring, as well as the deliciousness of those snacks. Teams called others “cake eaters,” said they were “stoooked,” and gave the thumbs up, all excited to join together for an epic Thursday movie night.

When #NHLMovieNight arrived, some of the mascots and teams sent photos of them watching the game on the big screen in their arena, while other teams simply posted their favourite quotes or memes from the movie. The Social Media Coordinators actively commented on fan posts, engaging these fans in a way that they historically have not been able to do in the offseason when news was typically sparse. Additionally, we even saw Charlie Conway himself, portrayed by Joshua Jackson (@VancityJax) in the trilogy, get in on the action, live tweeting from 30,000ft.! Fans, teams, mascots, and the league were united under a single banner – #NHLMovieNight – a truly simple concept, but one that we believe had and will continue to have an impact on the NHL.

A league that is oftentimes viewed as an “old boys club” now was finding a creative way to fill in the downtime in the offseason, while making themselves accessible to a wide range of fans. This was not some event that would cost fans even more, this was a simple way for hockey fans to come together, share a laugh or two, and enjoy a truly great movie on a Thursday night. We watched and laughed along with other fans, and can’t wait to see what the NHL puts together for next year!

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