Gone are the days when people need to bend over backwards to get a job. Gone are the days when the application process had applicants jumping through hoop after hoop just to get their foot in the door. All one needs to break into a sought after position is the right 140 characters – at least according to the Portland Trailblazers (@trailblazers).

The Trailblazers recently put out a posting for an internship that brought with it a very straightforward application process. All prospective applicants needed to do to become the Digital Media Intern for an NBA team was tell the team why they were the best person for the job in a single Tweet.

@trailblazers: We need a digital intern this season! (It’s paid ) To apply: In 140 characters, tell us why we should hire you. Applications due Friday.

It’s not the first time that such competitive requests have been made via Twitter, albeit certainly takes the social media solicitation to the next level. After all, this is not simply asking people to say why they deserve tickets to a game or answer trivia questions to win prizes; this is about securing a job. But alas, people were ready to jump through this modest (although very important) hoop to earn themselves a spot with an NBA franchise, as hundreds of responses came pouring in.

The responses came in many forms, with some applicants playing the professional card, referencing their skill set and experience, while others simply embraced what social media is for many – shorthand, emojis, integrated media, humour, and so much more. But whatever the approach, five lucky individuals were selected and will receive direct messages for further instruction, thanks to their standout “applications”:

@xoxAMH: @trailblazers Passionate &innovative social media manager w/experience. I’m a slam dunk. Check out my GIF-ts below: http://t.co/2arQfsFlXh

@MatthewCreagan: @trailblazers Mentored by @Nike Digital to run @PilotHoops last season and social extraordinaire for @TimbersFC, @ThornsFC, and @TimbersFC2

@tayfonicole: @trailblazers digital media builds personal relationships with fans. When it comes to creating these connections: http://t.co/zEZ6sEL3RD

@TheAmySchwartz: @trailblazers I’ve shot beyond the arc for two seasons covering the team, now I want to move inside the paint and play for the Blazers

@KCFreshInc: @trailblazers I can connect with fans, the same way I’ve connected my community to get behind our city’s HS team through guidance & support

So what comes next for this group of potential Digital Media Interns? Only time will tell. But we do know that these five, along with hundreds of other hopefuls were thrilled to see such an opportunity come knocking, especially via Twitter. And with so many envelope-pushing, trend-setting, game-changing team accounts flooding the social media circles these days, perhaps this is just the beginning. Perhaps, social media is the next big thing for those looking to become the next big thing. So next time you are looking for a job in sport communications, remember that the future is coming and the entire online world is becoming a phenomenal resource.

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