Social media is our way to connect to the rest of the world. It allows us to stay in touch with people and organizations in different cities, countries, and continents. Because of this, we are able to see stories like that of the young Messi fan that were presented on Twitter this week and have our hearts warmed by the power of sports. 

For those of you that missed this story, last week a photo surfaced online of a young boy (Murtza Ahmadi) wearing a plastic bag as a jersey with the name Messi handwritten on the back. This young boy’s photo quickly spread like wildfire on Twitter with fans making their own comments:

@bedjosessien: Every dream is valid this just made my day the kid making his own jersey with Messi’s name on it

@aalexander2014: A young boy from Iraq wearing a Messi jersey made from a plastic bag

@messi10stats: please spread it

As the week wore on, we learned more about this story. Ahmadi is a five year-old Messi fan who loves football. This replica plastic bag Argentina jersey was fashioned by his older brother Hamayon Ahmadi. He made the jersey simply because his brother loved the team and he wanted him to have something special.

Since this image went viral, Messi’s PR team and FC Barcelona (the team for whom Messi currently plays) have reached out to the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) to set up a meeting with this young fan. However, until that meeting can come into fruition, the AFF organized for Ahmadi to travel to their facility and allowed him to play with the Afghan U16 national team. Furthermore, they gave him his very own Barcelona kit, a gift which this young football fan will most certainly treasure, but, even with the new kit, Ahmadi still proudly wore his homemade Messi jersey on top!

We can’t wait to see if social media can work its magic again. Will we see photos of the football superstar with one of his biggest fans in the near future? We sure hope so! Even if not, we can’t help but smile at these photos of this young fan. There’s nothing we love more than sport fans who just love sport for sports sake and we don’t think there’s been a better example of this in a long time! We often get caught up in needing to have the newest jerseys and swag to represent our teams. Thank you for reminding us that it doesn’t matter what you wear Murtza!

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