For their 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl, the @NFL wanted a great story, but the ending they got was even better than they could have scripted! Throughout the game, we followed along with the tweets and #SB50, catching glimpses of epic Super Bowl parties (specifically the one(sie) party attended by a number of the @BlueJays), photos of celebrity supporters (@StephenCurry30’s photo after game highlighted his heartbreak), and many others. Here are our highlights from the night!

Peyton Manning, who is likely to retire this offseason, finally got his elusive second ring, defeating @CameronNewton and the @Panthers 24-10, while simultaneously cementing his place in the history books, by winning his 200th career NFL game. Manning has had an exceptional career, rivalled by few others, and this final game, although not one of beauty, was won in a convincing victory. Furthermore, as true football fans we, and likely every other NFL fan, were left wondering as we watched Manning walk off the field with just over 1:00 left on the clock, if we had just watched a true legend play his last down of football. He didn’t hint one way or the other in his postgame interview, but, with only one other quarterback retiring after winning a Super Bowl, we have to suspect that this game marks the end of Manning’s incredible career.

If Manning retires after Super Bowl 50, he won’t be the only NFL player hanging up his cleats. In the middle of the game, Marshawn Lynch (@MoneyLynch) sent out a not-so-subtle tweet that confirmed what many had been suspecting for weeks, he has decided to retire. Lynch posted a simple photo on his Twitter that featured his cleats thrown over a telephone wire, a very literal depiction of him hanging up his cleats. Sent with the photo was one simple emoticon, a peace sign. A simple ending to yet another incredible career. We have to admit that although the timing seemed a bit strange to us, the message was perfect. This was a goodbye that came with little fanfare and one that we think clearly spoke for itself. So, for now, we bid goodbye to #BeastMode, a player we have loved to watch and will sorely miss!

Although fans often are excited by massive offensive plays, this Super Bowl featured a defense that couldn’t be match and had to be watched. The old adage has always been “defense wins championships,” and that’s exactly what the Denver Broncos proved with their win! As the game wound down, #DefenseWinsChampionships began to trend on Twitter – a testament to the strength of the Bronco’s defense.

We don’t know if that’s the last time we’ll ever see Peyton Manning on an NFL field, but we do know that regardless, he (or at least his Broncos defensive line) were well deserving of this championship ring. This Super Bowl, like all of the others that have preceded it, was fun and full of storylines that extend beyond the playing field. I guess it’s time for us to turn the calendar and begin the countdown to Super Bowl 51! In the meantime, we’ll switch our attention to the @NHL and @NBA and follow along as teams vie their way for top spot!

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