We all know that social media is becoming more and more important in the sports landscape, with professional clubs hiring their own social media teams to handle their online platforms and to corral their team’s online presence. Sometimes, however, these social media teams take liberties with what they post and sometimes these liberties lead to some unexpected rivalries off the field. Sometimes even, these back-and-forth battles between various teams can get a little personal in the process! One such example recently occurred between the official Twitter accounts for the Chicago Cubs (@Cubs) and the New York Yankees (@Yankees), which all began with a simple statement from a Yankees’ fan.

The launching pad in question, read as follows:

@liamgordd: @Yankees Twitter account > @Cubs Twitter account

Instead of just letting this small comment pass them by, however, the Chicago Cubs took this opportunity to create a poll to see which team’s official Twitter account was considered better. After 45,632 votes were cast, the Cubs were deemed a more entertaining account winning with 58% of the total votes cast (perhaps some home team bias given that the poll was launched by the Cubs). Not appreciating this poll, the Yankees decided to ask a simple question in response:

@Yankees: Were new to this poll thing @Cubs. Do the #Yankees have …
More rings
A lot more rings
Cubs fan, what’s a ring

A total of 45,111 votes were cast in this poll, with “Cubs fan, what’s a ring” running away with it (63% of the votes cast). Although no one, not even the Cubs, can deny the Yankees’ incredibly impressive resume (having won 27 World Series titles), this may have been a bit of a low blow! The Cubs did respond with a GIF of their own, helping to ease the tension that this post could have left, but we have to wonder if the Yankees did go one step too far.

We know that social media can be a ton of fun – if it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be so many people logging in to multiple platforms multiple times each and every day – however, when running a professional account, shouldn’t there be a code of conduct to follow? Is there not a line of some sort that should not be crossed?

Perhaps there is an unspoken code of conduct that these professional accounts do follow and a poll like this is considered simple fun, but perhaps it’s not, and that’s where we think some steps need to be taken to ensure boundaries are not crossed. So what do you think? Did the Yankees cross the unspoken boundaries between professional sport teams’ social media or were they just engaging in a little harmless fun?

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