It was an historic day at the Fleming Centre in Beamsville, ON yesterday, as Jeff Tallman, owner of the Lincoln Mavericks (@LincolnMavs), proudly announced what he had long worked toward achieving – “the Lincoln Mavericks are here!”

In the team’s inaugural press conference, Tallman, along with a host of other personnel from the Lincoln Mavericks, excitedly declared their presence in Niagara. The Mavericks, who will play in the Greater Metro Junior Hockey League (@TheGMHL) out of the newly constructed Fleming Centre, are the product of years of conversation and hard work amongst a number of passionate hockey minds, not the least of which include Tallman (Owner, President), his wife Therese (Owner, Vice President) and Mark Barrick (Head Coach).

With these and other experienced individuals at the helm, it was clear that the right people were in place. But it takes more than just the proper personnel to launch a team. And thanks to the positive response from the Town of Lincoln (@LincolnOntario) dating back to the mere concept of the team, the Mavericks appear to have the necessary support in spades. This bodes well for the new Junior “A” squad, who is looking to establish strong ties to their home community. Tallman’s vision involves the Mavericks becoming an integral part of the Lincoln community, and even having Friday night Mavericks home games become a rallying point for residents.

While Tallman and Barrick could not yet confirm much about the on ice personnel that would be showcased during these Friday night contests, they were able to offer a bit of assurance to the onlookers. According to Barrick, the Mavericks will be a “60-minute, hardest working hockey club in the league day in and day out,” which speaks to the long-standing track-record of the veteran coach. Much of the roster need still be determined, but one individual who is excited to join the club is Toby Keating (@TKeating8), who represents the team’s first signee. Keating says that there was excitement from his initial conversations with the team and pointed toward the direction the Mavericks were heading as a big selling point.

Certainly, there are additional steps to be taken before the team steps on the ice in September, but the processes to do so are underway. On the ice, the Mavericks will be looking to surround Keating with a talented young roster. Having already travelled near and far to scout potential players, the team will also host an Evaluation Camp at the end of July. This on-ice product will do wonders for the off-ice tasks still at hand, including securing sponsorship, developing continued community ties, and of course, selling tickets. Information on all of these items, and more, can be found on the team’s website.

And as the press conference came to a close, Tallman recited four words that would leave any local fan anxiously awaiting the start of this historic hockey season – “see you in September”!

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