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Just a few years ago, the concept of hiring a specific “social media marketer” was completely foreign to many businesses. Owners and supervisors simply didn’t understand the need for having someone whose main (if not sole) responsibility was to monitor social media, research what to post, and draft content. Because this role was viewed as a luxury and not a necessity, few companies employed these individuals, even as social media’s prominence grew, meaning these companies quickly fell below their competition.

While we understand that it is easy for organizations to hire interns or volunteers to take on the role of social media, we also know that this is a mistake. Sure these interns and volunteers mean well, but these individuals are not bonded to your organization; their time commitment with your company will eventually come to an end and they will move on – meaning there is a large amount of turnover for your communications.

Instead of delving too deeply into this phenomenon, we have decided to write about the seven features (in no particular order) that we think all strong social media marketers should have.

The first is knowledge of general pop culture. Good social media marketers can’t just live within the business they are promoting; they need to be able to relate to the wider, general population and connect to ongoing events, current trends, recent news, and more. Being able to adjust and relate to what’s currently going on in the world allows the social media marketer to attach their content and brand to emerging trends and, therefore, to reach a wider market and audience – both keys for most businesses.

This one may not fit every brand, but most of the time, social media marketers should have a good sense of humour. Their humour may be used to spice up a post, incorporate a joke into your next campaign, or cleverly respond to a client. The reason it’s used doesn’t matter; so long as it is incorporated at an appropriate time, it will almost always help customers to feel more connected to the company’s brand.

Authenticity is extremely important for brands. While we know that it can be fun to feel like you’re part of the hip crowd and using today’s hottest slang, it may not be the best approach for your company and brand. If you aren’t authentic to what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to, then what exactly are your clients getting from you? Even though we know that it’s important to grow and expand your brand, we also know it’s important to remember your roots and the audience that has helped you get there!

Because we’re social media marketers ourselves, we know how essential strong multi-tasking abilities are! Not only will this person be the key to branding your business on social media, but they also need to be able to interpret and analyze quantitative and qualitative data, have incredible customer service skills, and be a top-notch writer! Basically, your social media marketer needs to wear a lot of hats – and wear these hats well.

While the best social media marketers are confident in the work they can produce, they aren’t overconfident. Overconfidence will lead a marketer to stop training, stop learning, and stop trying to better themselves. These social media platforms are constantly adapting and changing – from new capabilities to new rules, there’s always something new to learn. Strong social media marketers know that they need to keep building their toolkit and with that, they won’t be afraid to admit they need to attend a webinar or conference, check out some of the newest training tools, or simply keep an open mind.

One of the biggest attributes we’ve seen with our own business is the need for your social media marketer to be mobile. These individuals need to be comfortable posting updates, photos, and more while on-the-go. The best social media marketers know that there is no such thing as a 9-to-5 job and understand that their work will most certainly extend beyond the average work days – even if they are utilizing social media management tools to schedule posts.

The most important attribute for a social media marketer to have, however, is passion. If an individual is passionate about the message, brand, product, and service they are promoting, they’ll be more effective in promoting it. Beyond that, if they are passionate about social media itself, they’ll seamlessly integrate their professional posting into their everyday lifestyle. Each post that comes up won’t simply be another task to complete or box to check; it will be something that they’re excited to do and a new chance to do what they love every time they click ‘send’.

We know that it’s easy to say that you can run social media since you have your own accounts, but it’s very different when it comes to managing business accounts. In order to ensure your online marketing is done effectively and efficiently, businesses need to hire the right people in these social media marketing positions – individuals with all of these traits and more!

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