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Is the prospect of starting and maintaining a blog weighing you down? Blogs can help your business to engage your (potential) customers, to establish greater legitimacy and influence within your field, and to ensure your content avoids becoming stagnant. But we understand that creating a meaningful, consistent blog for your business can be daunting at times, so how exactly can you ensure you aren’t being bogged down by your blog?From ideas to content to promotion, there are certain things that readers expect from a blog and you don’t want to let your audience down. They may not seem that straightforward at first, with such considerations taking great time and effort, but with a few simple tweaks in your strategy, you can make your business’ blog just part of your routine!

1. Make Your Content Compelling

There’s no secret here – the better your content, the more people will read it. But you don’t need to overthink it. Gone are the days where you need to spend hours in front of a white board brainstorming topics. Being cognizant of what is happening around you (in your organization, community, and industry) can lend an efficient and effective hand to your content development. Tackling these trending topics can make your blog relevant, just by staying tapped into your network. So when it’s time for your next post, see what people are talking about, see what your followers are engaged with, and look to get yourself in on the conversation.

2. Reel in Your Readers Early and Often

Your readers are swamped by information, so if they start to read something they don’t like, they’ll stop. You have to make your next blog post read-worthy and there are simple ways to make that happen. It starts with the opening lines, so you want to make them stick. For an effective opening, see where your post goes and add a gripping headline and opening that fits when the time is right (it doesn’t have to be the first thing you write). It’s also important to be concise, as readers don’t want to comb through pages of content; be structured, as headers and topic sentences can let readers see what’s coming; and hammer home the key points, so readers remember what they read and come back for more.

3. Don’t Pretend to Be Something You’re Not

There is nothing worse in the world of blogging than trying to fake your way through a post. Readers will know that your post is not sincere, so why waste time trying to be something you’re not? If you like humour, make your readers laugh with a joke or pun; if you are opinionated, let your readers know what you’re thinking; if you want to be informative, give your readers the facts. Being honest and true to who you are and who you want your organization to be will go a long way for your readers and it makes for a far more timely and impactful writing process. We all have a voice, so blog in a way that uses yours.

4. Link to Your Other Platforms

So you’ve written your post, but now you need to get people to read it. Once again, this does not have to be a daunting process, especially if you let your other platforms work for you. Use your social media, website, and other online networks to promote your latest post. You can generate views, likes, and shares, just by integrating with what you already have. There is no need to re-invent the wheel when your business already boasts some of the most effective means of promotion.

5. Post Consistently

When blogging, it’s not enough to just write one good post; your readers will expect more. A common downfall of most blogs is not being able to produce a consistently strong presence, whether you forget to post, don’t prioritize blogging, or simply can’t build any momentum. But if you are sporadically posting, your viewership will suffer. Don’t leave your readers hanging; instead, try to plan ahead. If you have a good idea for a post, keep track of it; if you think you’ll forget to post, make a schedule and set reminders. If you take small steps to make blogging a bigger part of your routine, the prospect of posting becomes much easier.

We understand that your organization’s blog may not always be front of mind, but whether it comes to generating ideas, drafting content, or promoting your post, there is no need for you to feel bogged down by your blog any longer.

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