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As the year draws to an end, more and more people are getting swept up in the holiday season. The weather is colder, the decorations are up, and the stores are filled with shoppers, but while all of this is happening in the real world, you can’t forget about the online world – specifically, social media!

You may not always think to or even know how to put a holiday spin on your social media, but in the spirit of the season, there is no shortage of ways to get involved. Not only will it help you to enhance your content in a relevant manner, but it will also allow your business to engage further with your followers. So in the hopes of a more seasonal social media strategy, here are 12 tips to help make your Christmas even merrier!

12.  Share Local Holiday Activities | The holidays don’t happen in a silo; there are plenty of fun activities and events happening all around your community. Your customers will appreciate hearing about what’s happening within your own walls and beyond, so keep an eye out for local holiday events and share them.

11. Spread Some Christmas Cheer | We hope that you aren’t being rude or unkind in your day-to-day posts, but spreading a little extra positivity around the holidays is a welcome kindness for your followers. So take the time to spread some happiness, well wishes, and positive vibes with likes, comments, shares, and more.

10. Integrate Holiday Words and Phrases | We are not strangers to the common turns of phrase that pop up during the holidays, so whether you deck the halls, chortle a hearty ‘Ho Ho Ho’, or have visions of sugar-plums dancing in your head, the addition of these holiday-favourite phrases add that extra bit of whimsy to your posts.

9. Incorporate Holiday Icons into your Posts | Just like people enjoy hearing those familiar phrases, your followers have become familiar with many of the season’s favourite characters. From Santa Claus to Rudolph, and even Elf on a Shelf, these fun-loving Christmas icons will add an irresistible allure to your posts as your followers embrace their meaning and memories.

8. Add a Personal Touch to your Posts | It’s not always a good idea to intertwine business and personal, but the holidays are an exception. The holidays are a time to share these more personal, emotional, and informal posts and can certainly help your followers to connect more with your business this season.

7. Provide Holiday Business Updates | We would love for all of your holiday posts to have a fun, festive flare, but you can’t forget about the business side. You may have different hours, a special promotion or sale, etc., but whatever it is make sure your followers know about your holiday-specific updates.

6. Get in the Spirit of Gift Giving with Holiday Contests | Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a present on Christmas? This year, why not get involved in the spirit of gift-giving by running a holiday contest with festive prizing? These fun, creative posts will help you unwrap a whole new level of engagement!

5. Show How you’re Getting into the Christmas Spirit | Are you putting up decorations in your office? Are your employees taking a picture with Santa? Whatever your business is doing to celebrate Christmas, share it with others to let all of your followers know that you’re in the holiday spirit!

4. Give your Media the Holiday Treatment | There is an endless supply of holiday-related media to choose from to make your posts pop. Scoping out seasonal video clips, gifs, audio, and photos that sing of holiday spirit can be the attention-grabbing spark that your posts need.

3. Jazz up your Visuals with a Festive Décor | A touch of snow, a sprig of holly, or even a garland border can help to elevate your average, year-round photos for the holiday season. Adding these festive touches can not only show your holiday spirit, but can also show off your ability and desire to add more graphic appeal and intrigue to your content.

2. Ask Holiday Questions and Polls | Polls are a great way to engage your followers throughout the year, but adding a little Christmas flare makes it all the more impactful. Holiday traditions, favourite tunes, go-to holiday movies, best presents of all-time, and many more topics such as these can be a great way to jump-start your social media come December.

1. Wish your Followers Well this Holiday Season | When it all comes to down to it, you can’t forget the most important holiday post of all – wishing your followers a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays). It may seem straight forward, it may be expected, but it is still a meaningful post that shows that your business cares.

The holidays are happening all around you, and if you want to give your online communications the best gift of all this year, then be sure to use these tips to unwrap the endless potential of a festive social media strategy this Christmas!

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