New Year Communications

In a recent post, we mentioned ways that you can incorporate the holidays into your online communications, giving you some tips on the best and most creative ways to do so! But we didn’t want this to be the only post where we got to celebrate this time of year! This week, we thought we’d celebrate the giving part of the holiday season – giving you our top five tips to help you make your online communications explode onto the scene in 2017!

1. Set yourself up for success

If you don’t already have the right person in place, go out and find them! They’re going to be the one driving your communications throughout the year and if you start off on the wrong foot (with the wrong person behind the scenes), then nothing will be delivered like you want to your followers and customers.

2. Make a plan and stick to it

You may have had a communications strategy for 2016, but did it meet all of your needs? Did you see the growth that you wanted to see? Was your content on point every single day? Have a meeting and put together a strong plan that will help you prepare for the entire year, not just the first few months.

3. Consider new tools to help you save time and energy

Whether these are online tools that will cost your business money (i.e. social media management tools, analytics tools, etc.) or tools you can create and manage yourself, having these at your disposal will decrease the time you spend struggling to get organized each day. Once you have yourself completely organized, you’ll be able to focus more on the type of content you’re posting rather than just publishing the posts themselves.

4. Make writing a blog your New Year’s resolution (and stick with it for the entire year)

Whether you think publishing monthly, weekly, or daily best serves your business, we can guarantee that posting regularly will help you to increase the views on your website (if your blog is linked to your site) or your social media (if you decide to post your blog on a social sharing site like Tumblr). The most important aspect of this tip is to be sure that you keep it up – blogging can feel time consuming, but it can also have a big reward (in terms of gaining leads).

5. Try something new this year!

Do you just have one social media platform? Not sure how to incorporate the newer platforms into your online communications strategy? Why not make this year your year and expand your social media footprint!? If your company only uses Facebook, add Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Expand your following by reaching out to different platforms, and, therefore, different demographics of potential customers!

Bonus tip: Stay on top of the trends in 2017

Videos are expected to be the centre of social media this year, so find events and opportunities to take videos of your time and post them on your various channels! Pay attention to hashtags that emerge as the year rolls on and remember that you need to be constantly changing and evolving if you want to stay relevant in the world of online communications!

And there you have it! These tips may seem simple, but growing your following in 2017 doesn’t need to be complicated! Sometimes you just have to take a little extra time and focus your energy in the right spots. So whether the new year needs to kick off with a new hire, a new plan, a new social media platform, or some new time saving strategies, we know that you can make 2017 your best year yet!

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