At this time of year, it’s impossible not to think back on all that happened throughout the year. From personal milestones to professional growth and more, this calendar has been a big one for both of us at Core Sport Communications! Here are our top 5 professional milestones from 2016!

  1. Changing our brand

You may have noticed that our logos changed mid-year! With the help of a graphic designer, we decided it was time to step up our look if we wanted to approach new clients and begin to expand our business. We love the new look and believe that these logos truly help us to present a more professional and dignified presence in the communications industry!

  1. Expanding our clientele

When we started 2016, we believed that we would keep our talents in the sport industry, but by the end of the year, this certainly has not remained true. From building a website for a bed and breakfast to publishing content and managing social media accounts for individuals in the real estate and entertainment industries, our business has quickly expanded beyond sport. While this has meant we’ve needed to expand our knowledge base, it’s also opened our eyes to the greater need in the business world for our services – an aspect we’re currently working towards infiltrating!

  1. Client growth

Not only did we expand our clientele this year, but we’ve also grown! Bringing 5 new clients, with more ongoing conversations hopefully leading to even more! We knew coming in to this business that sales weren’t our fortes, but we’ve learned that the best way to market and promote ourselves is to demonstrate the work that we can do! By signing shorter early contracts, we’ve been able to impress clients and have these individuals suggest our services to other local business owners and friends. Word of mouth is very quickly becoming our most valuable asset in growing our business and strengthening our brand!

  1. Pushing ourselves, day in and day out

Anyone who knows us well knows that this year has been one of constant work and hustle. From 14-16 hour days, to working 365 days, 2016 was the year without a break! We always knew that starting a business would be hard work and would require a lot of time, energy, and dedication but I don’t think even we were prepared for the work that lay ahead this past year! Thankfully, love of the work and a desire to constantly grow has kept our energy up and our focus steadfast!

  1. Upcoming projects

One of our favourite projects won’t quite be ready for launch to start 2017, but we wanted to give you a quick preview of what’s to come! We’ve been busily writing an e-book! This book will feature all of the key communications topics that you may not be clear on or want more information about. It’s been a labour of love (that’s for sure), but we certainly hope that it can become a tool for businesses, individuals, employees, and bosses. Stay tuned for this and many other exciting projects as the calendar changes over!

It’s been a whirlwind year – we can barely believe that it’s over – but it’s just the first step for many more to come! We hope to continue expanding our reach, growing our client base, and pushing ourselves, and we promise that those new projects are going to, for lack of a better phrase, blow you away!

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