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With the Toronto Maple Leafs (@MapleLeafs) off the ice this week, Leafs fans were left wondering where their entertainment would come from. Thankfully, the youngsters on the team have spent their week on social media! From boys trips to Miami to a couples week in Grand Cayman, the Leafs have been keeping their personal social media platforms updated while they’re on vacation!

In years past, the Leafs have laid low on social media, with players rarely posting updates and definitely not chirping each other! This year, we’re seeing some couples shots from Mitch Marner (@marner_93), Matt Martin (@mattymarts17), and Connor Carrick (@connorcarrick) who are spending their week off in the Grand Cayman Islands with their other halves.

This vacation is resulting in some of our favourite photos from the team’s Bye Week, with our interest being peeked at the potential for a trio mixtap which is apparently “dropping soon”!


While Marner’s Instagram photo captioned “Boys Week” is so adorable that it captured our attention, it was Auston Matthews’ (@auston_matthews) comment “Can’t be a boys week when all your girlfriends are behind the camera taking the pic” that helped the image to actually explode!


Some fans are excited to see the friendly jabs off the ice, showing that this team is more like a brotherhood than anything else, while others think the boys should be more focused on the game than their vacations (we disagree with this cohort, but we digress)!

Lucky for us, Marner, Martin, and Carrick aren’t the only three Leafs on vacation right now! The first photo that appeared of the vacation week came from none other than Auston Matthews himself! Not only is Matthews enjoying his vacation in Miami, but he isn’t alone! In true “boys week” fashion, Matthews is spending his week away from the ice on a boat with his teammate Josh Leivo (@jleivo17)!

So while he may be a little salty about not being in Grand Cayman with the others, we think he’s probably enjoying his time away from Toronto’s snow! On top of that, it certainly looks like Leivo and Matthews aren’t the only two Leafs taking in the rays in Florida, with a photo emerging that shows Leivo laying across the laps of Frederick Andersen (@frederikandersen31), Connor Brown (@dtbrown28), and Morgan Rielly (@morganrielly)!


Regardless of where these guys have spent their bye week, we’re just glad that this season’s Leafs are eager to post online and keep us informed with how they spend their time off the ice; but, let’s be honest, we can’t wait to see them back where they belong!

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