Super Bowl 51 Header

As football fans, we’re used to #SuperBowlSunday being the highlight of the entire NFL (@NFL) season, but Sunday night marked a truly incredible one for fans! Not only did we witness history, as we watched Tom Brady and Bill Belichick win their record breaking 5th Super Bowl Championship, but we also saw the first ever overtime Super Bowl game, the first ever Super Bowl comeback from being down 10+ points, and the first ever NFL playoff comeback win when a team was down by 19+ points. Love them or hate them, the New England Patriots (@Patriots) made a statement on Sunday night, one that simply cannot be ignored – and it certainly wasn’t!Social media was filled with a variety of reactions during the game, from many poking fun at the Patriots’ early game struggles to stunned reactions when the AFC champions stormed back to tie the game and eventually win in the extra frame!

We saw many of social media’s favourite memes, including the crying Jordan, symbolizing how fans thought the Falcons’ (@AtlantaFalcons) post-game press conference would go; comparisons to the Cleveland Indians (@Indians) and Golden State Warriors (@warriors), who both held 3-1 series leads before blowing them in the final game; and GIFs, memes, and parody images highlighting how fans thought the interaction between Commissioner Roger Goodell (@nflcommish) and Tom Brady would go; among others! And beyond these images, we saw many posts from a variety of celebrities and athletes who couldn’t believe what they’d just witnessed, including:

Some of the tweets we saw during the course of the night were less about the game itself and more about how some well-known celebrities would react!

And while seeing all of these stars react to the game and sing their praises of the New England Patriots, our social media highlight from the night came from Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard (@geniebouchard), who tweeted:

And feeling confident, which was understandable seeing as the Falcons were leading 28-3, she agreed to go on a date with a fan.

After saying “sure”, it was clear that Bouchard started to doubt Atlanta throughout the second half. When it was all said and done, Bouchard followed up with a single tweet that had us all in stitches:

It looks as though the date will actually happen, but nevertheless, when celebrities and athletes personally engage with their fans in fun ways like this, we always take notice!

While we could just leave it here, we felt this post would be incomplete without a shout out to Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) and her halftime performance, which resulted in a lot of very diverse reactions from fans across the world. We aren’t sure if some of these celebs just tuned in for the performance, but we know they were as blown away as we were!

#SB51 is one that will go down in history for so many reasons, but we must admit that we’re really glad we got to witness it AND that we live in the social media era where everyone is quick to share their reactions with the world, because some of these are just too perfect not to share!

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