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We understand that you have a busy schedule. We know that there are only so many hours in the day. We get that your priorities may not always align with the seemingly less significant tasks on the docket. But even with all of this in mind, we also know that you HAVE to make time for social media!

It’s so much more than just retweets and personal posts, as it can bring your business the increased benefits of reach, engagement, lead generation, among others. More than that, however, there are also many pitfalls to not making the time to post online, and whether you realize it or not, inconsistent or incomplete platforms are a turn off to your customers. We’re not saying you need to go so far as to spend every waking minute on social media, constantly refreshing your feed to keep up with the latest and greatest online content, but that doesn’t mean you should venture to the other extreme either. In fact, all it takes is a few simple tips and tricks that can take your social media from miserable to masterful.

First off, does posting to social media simply slip your mind? There is so much to do in one day that it’s understandable some things may slip through the cracks. Social media, however, can’t be one of those forgotten tasks, so you have to remind yourself to post. Set alarms on your phone or computer, write it on your daily calendar or agenda, or find other ways to keep this posting front of mind throughout the day. Trust us – your followers will be glad to see consistent content instead of sporadic posting, so these small reminders can truly elevate your online presence. Eventually, these reminders will become internal and social media will just become another part of your daily routine!

Even for those who remember to post, the lightbulb may not go on as frequently or consistently as it should. But even those who post in bulk, publishing several content pieces in quick succession, can put this approach to good use. Thanks to the many social media management tools, you can draft all of this content at one time, but spread it out throughout the day(s). Instead of posting five tweets in five minutes, therefore, you can use those five minutes to create all of your daily content, then, instead of posting, you can schedule it. And what’s more, many of the basic versions of these management tools (i.e. Hootsuite, Buffer, SocialOomph), are free!

For those who are able to incorporate social media into their daily routine, meanwhile, it’s important that you don’t take the easy way out. As much as it may save time to simply retweet or share a post that is already written, it won’t lead to long-term social media success. While the occasional share is certainly acceptable and encouraged to engage with your online community, your followers want to hear from you. So whether you draft an original post, add your own comments to existing posts, or reply to what others are saying, you must take the time to use your own words more often than others’! To ensure that you are ready and able to add your own voice to your platforms, plan ahead – create a content calendar, brainstorm ideas with co-workers in a weekly or monthly meeting (depending on your need), or even pre-write content when you have the time!

Do all of these steps still sound too daunting for you? While people can definitely learn to manage social media successfully, that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. If you fall into this category, wherein you either aren’t able to consistently produce engaging content or effectively manage your account(s) successfully, then it’s time to look outward. Maybe it’s someone else within your organization or maybe it’s an outside firm, but whatever the case, sometimes the best way to ensure the proper time is given to your social media is by putting someone else on the clock. It takes a great deal of planning, consideration, and dedication to execute a strong social media strategy, so if you truly aren’t able to handle it, it’s best to leave it in the hands of others before doing a haphazard job on your own. And if you want to know how to best go about hiring a Social Media Marketer, check out our previous post – The Attributes of a Strong Social Media Marketer – to learn more (or contact us at to see how we can help you directly)!

While social media may not be the first thing that comes to mind every day, it definitely shouldn’t be last. Taking the steps to ensure that it’s well incorporated into your daily routine and schedule can make a world of difference, and whether those are steps to improve your social media management or steps to put it in the hands of others, they are undoubtedly steps worth taking.

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