The decision to blog may seem like a no-brainer for your business – serving as a chance to extend your online reach, better tell your story, and even establish greater authority, among other benefits – but you definitely still need to put thought into your posts. Not everything is fair game in the world of blogging, especially if you want to build an audience worth writing home about. And the best ways to keep your blog in good standing is by avoiding some of these common blogging pitfalls.

1. Don’t be something you’re not

There is nothing worse than trying to fake your way through a post. Readers will know that your post is not sincere, so why waste time trying to be something you’re not? If you like humour, make your readers laugh with a joke or pun; if you are opinionated, let your readers know what you’re thinking; if you want to be informative, give your readers the facts. Being true to who you are and who you want your organization to be will go a long way for your readers.

2. Don’t turn your blog into a sales pitch

It’s tempting to use any and all of your platforms to promote your business, but that doesn’t mean you should. Some platforms are meant for something different. People don’t come to a blog to be bombarded by pushy promotions. Your blog can exist as a step in the sales process, but not the process itself. If people like what they read, then the opportunity exists for them to explore your business further on your other channels, and that is where they can learn more about you. So whatever you do, don’t turn your blog into a never-ending sales pitch!

3. Don’t be too wordy

Having a platform to share your knowledge and thoughts on a subject matter is a wonderful thing, but that’s not an invitation to turn it into your long-winded soapbox. You want to grip your audience, not lull them to sleep. So it’s important to be concise, get to the point, and let your readers know exactly what you mean so as not to lose their attention or interest before the end. Don’t try to slip in hidden meaning; don’t try to turn each post into a novel; and don’t confuse a wordy post for a more informative post.

4. Don’t fret about being overly formal

You aren’t writing a perfectly crafted essay to wow your university professor; you’re writing to make sure your audience is interested and keeps coming back for more. With this in mind, it’s okay to be informal; it’s okay to take a more fun, light-hearted, relaxed approach that isn’t built around constructing a perfectly structured piece of writing. Your blog is your own, so don’t focus on being formal; focus on writing in your own voice.

5. Don’t forget your audience

You want to have the eyes on your work, which means that you need to be mindful of what those eyes want to see and how they want it presented. If you’re writing for sports fans, don’t be afraid to use some sports jargon and slang; if your audience is high-level executives with busy schedules, you want to keep your content even more concise and to the point; and if you want to target social media newbies, then you can’t get too technical! No matter what you’re trying to say, say it in a way that works for your readers.

Blogging can definitely be beneficial, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You always have to be careful to provide an offering that your audience wants to read and wants to come back to, which means that there are things to avoid when you start to write. So long as you have these pitfalls under wraps, then you will be well on your way to blogging success.

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