2 Year Anniversary Headline

This month, Core Sport Communications celebrated two years in business, and what a two years it has been. As with any start up, there have been ups, downs, and everything in between; there have been moments of jubilation, as well as those of disappointment; and there has been plenty to be thankful for throughout these initial steps of our entrepreneurial journey. Perhaps more accurately, however, there are plenty of people to be thankful for who have helped to make these last two years everything they’ve been!

When starting out as an entrepreneur, you never really know with certainty what will happen, but one thing you can bet on is that it will take time. It will take time to set up your business, and even more time to help foster its growth and development, especially in the early years. And, in spending the time doing this, it is easy for family and friends to feel like they are less of a priority. Family get-togethers may include a little work, a friendly outing may feature some client conversations, and additional free time may be filled with business, but through it all, they continue to stick by our sides. They put up with the extra work, they offer to lend a hand, and even go so far as to engage with every company or client post that is made on social media – so first and foremost, for their continued support and understanding, our families and friends deserve a huge thank you.

Not only have we been lucky enough to receive this support from those closest to us, but also from those who have navigated a similar path already. Many people may not know that our business (in some form or another) started as an idea we had in a university entrepreneurship class. Since then – whether it was classmates, professors, coworkers, or other business professionals – we have encountered many people who have played a role in the development of Core, have shared their teachings and insights, and have helped us get to where we are now. The learning doesn’t stop for an entrepreneur, no matter how established you are, so for all of those people who have contributed to this continued learning, we say thank you for helping us get from the classroom to the real world.

There is no underestimating what this support means, but once the learning is underway, the pieces are falling into place, and the time is quickly approaching to go from idea to execution, launching a start-up truly does include more questions than answers. Will you get everything set up the way you envisioned? Will you be able to carve out a space in your industry? Will you be able to have customers trust you with their business? So many unknowns, and unfortunately, so few answers until you really sink your teeth into things and take that leap of faith. Luckily for Core, we were able to do all of those things and more, with perhaps the biggest step being our first partnership.

As a new business, it’s especially tough to build that initial following, especially when you have yet to do any official business. But there is always someone willing to put their trust in you. Whether you wow them with your presentation, convince them of your competency, or brilliantly convey the value you can provide, bringing on that first client is a big deal – for both parties. With that in mind, we say thank you to our first few clients. We’ve been lucky enough to work with so many wonderful organizations and people, both for short-term projects and long-term endeavors, but whether our partnerships have lasted a month, a year, or more, none of them would have happened if we weren’t able to get the ball rolling with our first few agreements. So we thank you for the trust you’ve put in our business and your continued support in our development, helping us to not only get off the ground, but continue to soar.

Beyond these initial clients, it’s also important to keep the business flowing – finding ways to grow and expand with new clients and new opportunities. And for Core, much of this growth has been thanks to the kind words and above-and-beyond efforts from those with whom we have previously or continue to work. Their informal or formal testimonials have immensely impacted our continued evolution, which has even included expansion beyond the sport industry. We thank everyone for expressing their support and belief in us, thereby allowing us to take our vision to new heights, and we hope that everyone understands how much these words mean to us – both personally and professionally.

Finally, through everything that has happened, one of the best decisions that we made was to tackle this adventure as a partnership. Having another person with whom we can bounce ideas off of (no matter how far-fetched), tackle seemingly never-ending projects, and navigate the unknown waters of small business, is no small consideration and has been a blessing for our business. When deciding which new clients to target, which new projects to start, or which direction we want the business to go in, there is no doubt that the partnership has been integral to our decision-making. Together, we have been able to tackle a growing work-load as new clients have emerged; keep an open mind for where we want the business to go to expand our reach beyond sport; and keep a positive, forward-looking vision as to what successes we can achieve in the future. And, as we continue to explore what comes next for Core, we remain thankful for the partnership we have.

It’s no small task to launch a small business; something we knew going into it. And now that we are here, two years later, our opinion certainly hasn’t changed. But one thing that we have realized more and more since we started is that this is so much more than a two person endeavor. We wouldn’t be where we are without everyone we’ve mentioned and we know this list will continue to grow as Core Sport Communications dives into its next two years and beyond!

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