Online Interaction

Have you ever had that moment where you say something you wish you could take back? Just like words can’t be unsaid, they also can’t be un-typed once they are sent. You can’t just blurt out anything to spark or continue a conversation; you must be thoughtful in your interaction to avoid the undesired pitfalls. The following are just some of the ways that you can make sure your interaction works, and all it takes is a few thoughtful considerations!

1. Don’t leave your followers longing for a response

When your followers take the time to interact with you, the least you can do is keep the conversation going. Let them know you’re reading their comments and appreciate their interaction. It can be as simple as liking their response or responding to a question/comment, or even going so far as to continue a conversation via email or direct messaging. No matter your method of response, your customers will appreciate it. So do not leave them hanging when the opportunity is there to develop increased rapport and stronger relationships.

2. Don’t let just anything get posted on your platforms

While you want to encourage interaction, that doesn’t mean you can let just anything slide through the cracks. If you’re able to filter comments, it is best to do so to avoid inappropriate language, spam, or the like flooding your platforms. On social media, you may not be able to stop posts and comments from coming in, but you can be diligent in monitoring the content and hiding/deleting that which is not suitable. Regardless of how it’s done, however, it is critical to maintain a sense of professionalism and appropriateness.

3. Don’t consider responses any less important than original posts

You should never skimp on your content when posting online and that includes your responses and other follow up interactions. You have to put the necessary thought into your content whatever it may be because it all reflects you! As a result, you shouldn’t just throw a response together. Instead, take the time to understand the original comment, determine the best means of response, and craft every response with thoughtfulness and care to ensure your commenter is satisfied.

4. Don’t deter any future interaction from your followers

Certainly, not responding will deter continued interaction, but you have to be careful not to do the same when you do respond. Being rude, dismissive, or uninformative will not only deter followers from responding, but may very well stop them from paying attention to you at all. Whether you agree or disagree with the comment, you should welcome their interaction and treat it with respect, so as to ensure they continually come back for more.

It is imperative that you don’t drop the ball when interacting with your followers. It is very easy to do so, whether you ignore people for too long, treat responses as second-rate content, or deter followers from interacting, so it will take an active approach to keep your interactions on track. But avoiding these textbook mistakes will keep your followers coming back for more.

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