Social Media Content

So you’ve got the hang of posting to social media and why you need to put some real thought and strategy behind your posts, but how exactly can you make your next post a memorable one? Surprisingly enough, you don’t always have to move mountains to get the most out of your posts; in fact, just a little extra effort and additional considerations can make all the difference. So if you want to take your next post from ho-hum to home run, take these simple, albeit impactful steps!

1. Create compelling, platform-appropriate content

It may seem obvious, but content comes first, so you don’t need to focus too much on reinventing the wheel when your content sings loud and proud. But remember, different platforms work in different ways, so even if the subject matter is the same, one of the best ways to stand out is to take the time to be original and thoughtful of how you’re writing content from one platform to the next. So to make your next post a masterpiece, think about what you’re writing for, who you’re writing for, and the most engaging ways you can write your content across your platforms.

2. Include a visual or other multimedia component

Text is all well and good, but an additional component can help take your next post above and beyond your expectations. Be it a photo, video, or much more, these additional media types can supplement your words so as to make them jump off the screen! In a world where content is pushed out at an unbelievable rate, a well-crafted visual, such as a properly-sized image, may be just what your post needs.

3. Tag or mention other accounts

You want to connect with your audience, but you can’t always guarantee they’ll see your posts. To enhance the likelihood of getting the right eyes on your post and making it go that much farther, be sure to tag or mention the accounts of relevant followers whenever possible, whether in your post, in your photo, or in your location. We’ve said it before and will say it again – social media is social, so make sure you bring others into your posts to extend their reach.

4. Make it attractive

A post that doesn’t look good or read well is not going to have the desired impact, so take the extra time to edit your work and make your post as attractive as possible. Addressing spelling and grammar issues are certainly critical steps, for example, but other considerations like shortening (or deleting when possible) unattractive links; adjusting the size of your visuals for the platforms; and ensuring any symbols, punctuation, or emojis display as intended, will make your posts that much more attractive and clean for the audience.

Creating the perfect post doesn’t need to be a massive, overwhelming project. Oftentimes, it’s the simple steps and considerations that may seem obvious that can be the real difference-maker when elevating your content. Remember, these tips may seem simple at the outset, but they can (and will) make impressive improvements to your posts across your social media platforms.

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