Monetizing Social Media

If making money online was as easy as many businesses want it to be, then why wouldn’t everyone be doing it? The truth of the matter is that monetizing your social media and blogging efforts takes more than just positive thinking and there is no quick fix to make it happen. To be able to make money, there are steps that need to be taken early and often within your strategy in order to establish yourself online. The steps we’re talking about may very well be business as usual, however, so getting to a place of monetization doesn’t have to mean breaking new ground.

1. Post consistently

If you aren’t posting on a consistent basis, then your online channels will quickly fall out of favour. Followers (or potential followers) won’t think of your accounts as a go-to resource and won’t readily visit if and when you do attempt to better monetize your presence. So if you want to bring in more income down the road, you need to steadily post throughout your social media and blog growth, even when your followers are few and far between.

2. Attract an audience

It’s important to post, but you can’t just do so for the sake of posting. There needs to be a draw for people to follow your content. Because of this, you need to understand what you’re offering and how it aligns with your followers’ needs. Ultimately, without an audience to consume your content, you won’t be able to monetize your presence, so keep their interests front of mind when determining what to post about.

3. Demonstrate expertise

Maybe you caught the attention of your followers with a clever post or two, but that won’t be enough to create a sustainable interest. You need to show them that what you have to offer is worth their time. If people are going online to seek out information, then you need to provide that information. Recognize what the predominant issues are, provide easy-to-follow solutions, offer tangible next steps for your audience, and of course, take the time to think everything through to establish your expert status.

4. Build trust

As is the case in any relationship, trust can go a long way. If you can earn your audience’s trust via your channels then you are better able to take the next steps toward monetization. But trust, as we know, takes time to build up and mere seconds to tear down, so there needs to be a concerted effort to present a genuine, transparent, and reliable presence across your platforms. Having this trust with your audience will make them more readily attuned to your next steps toward monetization, so not only is this a must throughout your strategy, it can be a profitable endeavor down the line as well.

The importance of each of these strategic steps cannot be understated if you want to one day monetize your social media, blog, or the like. The point remains that you can’t merely launch a Facebook page or Twitter account and watch the money roll in. It will take a dedicated and concerted effort to get to a point of profitability, but for those willing to do so, it can be a great tool for success.

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