Do you have a website that needs a new look? Are you having trouble maximizing your social media impact? Would your organization benefit from new content to engage your current and potential audience?

Established in 2015, Core Sport Communications (Core) is a service oriented business, specializing in online communications for businesses, both within and outside of the sport industry, including organizations, teams, clubs, venues, and facilities. At Core, we look to optimize your online communications to not only make your voice heard, but to ensure you consistently reach the audience you desire. We work with you to represent your organization in the best possible manner across your online platforms.

In addition to our service areas of social media management, website development and maintenance, content creation, and consultation and review, Core also prides itself on our core values. We will work in a timely, relevant, and professional manner for your sport organization, while also striving to ensure creative and engaging content across platforms. We will execute all work with the utmost integrity, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident that your online communications are in the best hands. We are available to you and will strive to ensure relationships remain collaborative, productive, and transparent at all times. Overall, Core will stick by our values to ensure your value is maximized in return.

Beyond the business, Core is made up of people who are passionate about this business, take the utmost pride in their work, and understand the true value of meaningful online communications. Co-Presidents Katelyn Sander and Chris Verlaan bring years worth of experience in the communications industry, both academically and professionally. Thanks in large part to this valuable experience within the field, hands on efforts across and a strong knowledge base of communications platforms, Core can help take your organization to the next level.