fans-3-with-logoThe question facing many organizations is, “Why are online communications so important?”. The reality is, in our current society, more individuals are turning to their online platforms for what they need to know about an organization. We are well beyond the days of phonebooks, yellow pages, and printed advertisements. Organizations’ primary marketing strategy must keep their online tools front and centre, so as to successfully communicate with existing and potential members.

So how can organizations achieve this? An organization’s website, first of all, must maintain the following crucial qualities, in order to make the most noteworthy impact: 1) be updated often; 2) be usable and informative; 3) be visually appealing; 4) be fast loading; and 5) be functional. It is not just about the website; however, as social media has become one of the most influential and important platforms today. A top of the line social media strategy must maintain the following five qualities in order to engage followers: 1) be creative and original; 2) be grammatical, but more informal; 3) be timely; 4) be persistent; and 5) be responsive. Finally, intertwined within all of these platforms (and beyond), is the content itself. The way these platforms are used still very much encompasses what is being said. Some considerations for making your content reign supreme, therefore, are to: 1) be original and thought-provoking; 2) be actionable and answer-filled; 3) be concise and accurate; and 4) be open to integrating additional media.

In satisfying all of these qualities in an organization’s soccer-1-squareonline communications, the organization is able to reap the many potential benefits. Ultimately, organizations can increase their brand loyalty and retain existing customers, while also acquiring new members. These benefits are the result of the associated platforms helping you to not only learn more about your audience, but also target them more directly and successfully. You can distribute content, achieve a meaningful reach, and get almost immediate feedback, all of which can lead to stronger brand loyalty, stronger customer relationships and overall retention, as well as more noteworthy lead generation and acquisitions. Not only this, but all of these valuable insights can be achieved at just a fraction of the cost of other offline channels.

With all of this in mind, the question then quickly becomes, “Why not online communications?”.