We don’t often use our platform to speak on political issues. While we both have opinions on all that has been happening around the world, especially with our neighbours to the south, we haven’t seen a direct link to the sports world and thus have remained quiet in terms of the political sphere, but that all changed this weekend. Read More

Don’t you just hate it when you create an amazing piece of content, but can only get one post out of it? After all, if your content is that good, you want to make it last and ensure that you get the most bang for your buck! Luckily, there are ways that you can ensure that the lifespan of your posts are more than just a few minutes in the spotlight, and just like the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) look to extend the life of the environment, it’s important that you find ways to extend the life of your content! Read More

Starting a business is no small task. You can’t get away with launching a start-up on a whim, as there are a number of important considerations that must go in to the decision. Unfortunately, quite often it is one or more of these considerations that stand in the way of the decision to start a business, even if it doesn’t always have to. There will certainly be obstacles to overcome, but if you assume the worst before even giving it a shot, you’ll never be able to find that small business success you so desire. So when the time comes for you to decide, don’t dismiss your small business before thinking through the following, and any additional, start-up obstacles. Read More

Not only are there celebrations happening all across our great country throughout the weekend (and all year for that matter), but there are also celebrations happening online. For those who venture to their social media platforms and scroll through their feeds, it doesn’t take long to find references to the special occasion in some way or another, and for good reason! Read More

If making money online was as easy as many businesses want it to be, then why wouldn’t everyone be doing it? The truth of the matter is that monetizing your social media and blogging efforts takes more than just positive thinking and there is no quick fix to make it happen. To be able to make money, there are steps that need to be taken early and often within your strategy in order to establish yourself online. The steps we’re talking about may very well be business as usual, however, so getting to a place of monetization doesn’t have to mean breaking new ground. Read More