Nustadia Recreation Facility

nustadia-recreationAbout | Nustadia Recreation Inc. is a North American leader in the development, operation, and management of recreation facilities. Nustadia was created to provide innovative solutions to the development of new facilities in the private sector and through community partnerships. They have had remarkable success in this type of development and has become one of the most experienced multipurpose recreation facility developers, operators, and managers in North America. Currently, Nustadia manages 12 facilities across the country.

Our Partnership | May 2016 to Present

Our Work | Social Media Management, Website Maintenance, Content Creation

  • Draft and post daily content across Nustadia Recreation’s four (4) platforms
  • Created a brand new website with updated aesthetics and content
  • Update website on regular basis to keep content and information up-to-date
  • Draft, create, and publish an e-newsletter on a monthly basis
  • Created visual graphics across all Nustadia Recreation’s online platforms

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