CONSULTATION | You have questions; we have answers! Why not put your faith in the experts when it comes to your online communications? We understand that your organization wants to get information out to the masses, but doing so can be a delicate process. When should you post? What platform is best? Is the content engaging enough? As a Core-porate Supporter, we will be a consistent resource for questions just like these and are happy to consult with you as needed to make your communications as effective as possible. So if there is ever anything that you’re not sure about, you’ll be just an email away from being able to post with confidence!

COMMUNICATIONS PLAN | Sometimes the hardest thing about your online communications is having a plan. It can, however, also provide the most value for a successful strategy. Having a clear, cohesive communications strategy and content calendar in place can increase productivity, enhance professionalism, and ensure a consistent online presence. And we are here to make that happen, with a personalized communications plan and content calendar template for your business, which will also include a select number of posts and content ideas each month to spark your content creation.

E-NEWSLETTER & ONLINE PUBLICATIONS | Want to keep up with the latest trends in online communications? Our e-newsletter and online posts will give you access to valuable tips, information, and techniques to help your online platforms stand out. Communication is, after all, a means of sharing information, and that is exactly what these online resources will do. Supporters will receive an e-newsletter on a monthly basis to go along with multiple other content pieces surrounding trends, successful strategies, and more within the communications field. All you have to do is provide us with the email(s) to which you want the newsletter and posts sent and then watch the information flow in!

SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION | We want to help you spread the word about your business, so as a Core-porate Supporter, you will see your business shared and promoted across our various social media platforms. Whether it’s for general awareness, specific product/service pushes, or additional endorsement, we will look to get your name out there even further. You can either let us know what you want promoted for us to accommodate or you can let us take the lead as we see fit! Remember, a new stakeholder may be just a like, share, or comment away, so this monthly exposure can make a big difference!

COPY OF E-BOOK | Who doesn’t want to have all the answers at the turn of a page? We are currently in the process of drafting and publishing our very first e-book – an online compilation of our insights into the field of communications – and our Core-porate Supporters will receive this informative electronic publication free of charge. We are sure this page-turner will be of value to your organization.

SPONSORSHIP & NAMING RIGHTS | At Core, we take pride in our ability to provide numerous offerings to the masses across our channels, but we want our Core-porate Supporters to be involved as well. Weekly blog posts, poll questions, contests, tips, and more are all great tools for our organization, so why not associate your business with these online offerings? As a Core-porate Supporter, you will have first right of refusal for any available sponsorship opportunities. Secure naming rights, become a “presented by” sponsor, or work with us to determine additional new and exciting ways to intertwine your brand. Not only can you get involved with some of our favourite organizational pieces, but also get more eyes on you!

SUPPORTER OF THE MONTH* | This is your chance to have your communications, your platforms, and your business be front and centre throughout our network. From a communications standpoint and beyond, your organization will be featured as our Supporter of the Month across all of Core Sport Communications’ platforms (social media, website, newsletter, blog). The spotlight will be on your business all month long.

*Frequency dependent upon number of supporters

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